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About CarSoft

N.V. ADS - CARSOFT is a Belgian company – established in 1993 – and dedicated to the development of Automotive Diagnostic Systems.

We offer a complete line of solutions to repair garages and car enthusiasts, designing easy to use tools, but always with the best features on the market.

You are not only acquiring diagnostic equipment, but also an excellent technical support to ensure the correct use of your equipment and get the most out of it.

Our tools are designed to meet the requirements of the present and the changes of the future. Try our diagnostic systems and you will be amazed with their fantastic coverage and features.

Why Buy From us?

With a million and one websites, now selling all sorts of scan tools, it’s difficult to know which ones are the Good Guys and which ones aren't.

Always check that a website is backed up by a proper company – which you can visit and get real historic information on – like N.V. ADS – CARSOFT

  • European company, established in 1993...
  • Thousands of satisfied customers around the world...
  • Technical Training courses available in our HQ in Belgium...
  • Tech Support and Free Call Back Service from a dedicated team...