The software V12 is compatible with both original- and aftermarket Carsoft (7.4) interfaces and is covering most Mercedes & Sprinter vehicles from 1991 until 2004.

In addition to Diagnosis, Reading & Erasing Fault Codes, Live Data, Adaptation, Synchronization, Programming and Activation… the Carsoft V12 software, also includes a unique repair assistance package with complete wiring diagrams, component locations, step by step repair-instructions, and more...

95 EUR

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    - Extensive vehicle coverage Mercedes and Sprinter vehicles

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    - Deep vehicle system coverage for ALL electronic systems

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    - Complete function capability including live data, Tests, Activations, Adaptations,   Service Interval, ECU programming and so many others

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    - Fault Code Explanations

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    - Step by Step Repair Instructions

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    - Component Information and Locations

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    - Complete wiring diagram with active legend

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    Coverage list: (1.88mb)

    User manual: (4.42mb)

    Comparison chart: (23.5.kb)





    - Operating System : Win XP – Win 7 – Win Vista – Win 8 – Win 10

    - Connections : Serial Port (Cable) – USB Port (Dongle)

    - HD Space : 500 MB

    - Display Min Resolution : 1024 x 756 pixels

    - Dimension : 190 x 135 x 15 (mm)

    - Unit Weight : 0,2 kg

    - Complete software

    - Security Dongle

    - Fully illustrated user manual